Air Conditioner Leaking Refrigerant


When it takes so much longer for the air conditioner to set the indoor air temperature, the unit may suffers from varieties of issues. There could be some parts need to be replaced or broken pump or something else. But there’s one issue you need to give extra concern and that is leaking refrigerant. This problem will significantly decrease the air conditioner unit’s ability to cool down indoor air temperature.

There are reasons why Air Conditioner Leaking Refrigerant is a big issue and why it must be addressed right away. Refrigerant is the crucial part of the air conditioning system. With parts of the refrigerant leaking, the system won’t be able to work properly. As the result, it will takes longer time to cool down air temperature and that means it consumes more energy. In such low efficiency, air conditioner unit works harder and it becomes more vulnerable for parts damage or broken pump. The refrigerant can also contaminating the air and known to be dangerous to the environment, another reason why refrigerant must be kept in sealed closed system. When you call a HVAC technician to inspect the air conditioner unit or HVAC system, be sure to ask them check for leaking refrigerant. This could be the main problem and it is also need to be fixed precisely.

What kind of solution for Air Conditioner Leaking Refrigerant? First, the source of the leaking must be found and identified. It may be a broken coil or loose joint or other parts. That part must be fixed or replaced when repair isn’t possible. But that’s not enough. The refrigerant system must be refilled to its capacity to ensure optimum operation. This process must be performed by a trained and experienced technician. It is highly recommended to only hire a certified HVAC technician or a licensed HVAC contractor to ensure high quality solution.