Burglary Prevention As A Community Effort


There are very many ways to prevent burglary as a home owner. However, none of the many methods available are as effective as community effort. Not even the strongest security systems could match the effect of a watchful neighbor. This makes burglary prevention as a community effort something definitely worth looking into. Below is how this works and how you can participate in protecting not only your home but others around you.

• Gated community set-ups

Gated communities are as safe as it gates in this day and age. The fencing and one-way-in-one-way-out designsmake them a logistics nightmare for burglars. With most of these setups, there is also very little likelihood of strangers being let in without a valid reason. This is important as it prevents burglars from successfully casing homes. This makes gated communities among the most effective when it comes to burglary prevention.

• Group patrols around the neighborhoods

Another way community participation can help with burglary prevention is through patrols. These are more often than not referred to as neighborhood watch programs. In this case, neighbors take turns just walking around the neighborhood looking for any suspicious activity or unfamiliar faces. This is especially effective when the patrols are done in groups. Groups also ensure the safety of all involved. These patrols have proven to be very effective in not only scaring away potential criminals but also stopping crimes in progress. Contrary to popular belief, crime doesn’t only take place at night with many burglars actually committing their crimes in literal broad daylight. It is therefore important in this case to also acknowledge the importance of daytime patrols.

• Communal surveillance systems

As a home owner, the importance of investing in adequate surveillance and security systems cannot be emphasized enough. However, it does not hurt to also have communal systems in place. In this case, cameras are the way to go. These ensure that there are no blind spots throughout the neighborhood leaving the burglar with no place to hide. It is also pretty much impossible for the burglar to disconnect all the cameras on the street. These systems are usually coordinated by the neighborhood watch programs as well as welfare societies like local home owners associations. This makes your neighborhood a less attractive target.

• Mail and newspaper collection

Another way you and your neighbors can help with burglary prevention is by collecting mail, packages and newspapers for homeowners who are away. This goes a long way to protect those homes from thieves casing neighborhoods. This is because the lack of old packages and piled up newspapers makes it difficult to identify unoccupied homes. If your neighbor is away for a while, it doesn’t hurt to keep their deliveries safe for them until they return. If you are the one planning to travel, you may also request a trusted neighbor to do the same for you.

• Get to know your neighbors

By getting to know your neighbors, strange faces will stick out like sore thumbs. This makes neighborhood watches and community patrols a whole lot more effective. In this case, things like community barbeques and other events come in handy. That way, the next time you spot a new face or a strange car, your senses will be on high alert.

• Be constantly vigilant

Finally, being constantly vigilant helps ensure burglary prevention at a community level. One way to do this is to look out for unfamiliar faces. You don’t have to be constantly at your window peeping out for this to be effective. All you have to do is to try your best to be constantly aware of your environment. If you spot anything that seems unusual to you, it is also important to ensure that you report it as soon as possible.


After all is said and done, community participation can and will work when it comes to burglary prevention. All you need to do is to be organized about it. It is also important for you as the homeowner to do your part in order to ensure that everyone benefits. The best part is that these programs, in addition to being effective against burglars, may prevent more serious crimes. That way, whether it is a neighborhood watch patrol group or communal cameras, this burglary prevention avenue is worth exploring.