How To Protect Your Home On Vacation


It is a well-documented fact that most burglaries occur when home owners are on holiday. This is because for the most part, burglars prefer empty homes as they do not like confrontation. You will therefore have to take steps to learn how to protect your home on vacation. That way, you can enjoy that much awaited and truly deserved end-of-year trip in peace. Below are 7 tips that should help you take care of your home even when you are miles away. The tips work especially well for homeowners who plan on being away for a while.

1. Get someone to pick your mail and newspaper

Overflowing mail boxes and stacks of old newspapers on your front porch will cause you trouble. For burglars casing neighborhoods, this is the equivalent of a neon sign saying No one’s home’. The same case applies to uncollected packages on door steps. In order to protect your home while on vacation, it is important to have someone pick your mail for you. This simple move will actually make the world of a difference ensuring that your home doesn’t stand out. You may also choose to cancel your newspaper subscription or have mail delivered elsewhere for the same effect.

2. Leave a light on

Another sign that no one is home is lights that are off all the time. After a few days or weeks of surveillance, burglars usually spot such houses and earmark them as potential hits. In order to protect yours, all you need to do is to leave a light on. The best lights to leave on are those in central parts of the home including living rooms and offices. That way, there is enough light to show signs of light but not enough to allow the burglars to peep in. You may also choose to save on electricity by having a timed light. This turns on the specific light at certain times of the day as opposed to having a light on the whole time you are away.

3. Invest in curb maintenance even when you are away

Another answer to how to protect your home on vacation is simply having your lawn taken care of. In this case, it is a good idea to employ someone to tend to flowerbeds, mow the lawn and rake up leaves every once in a while. This gives the home an occupied look and feel that is sure to fend off all potential burglars.

4. Motion activated lighting or voice messages

These revolutionary devices are a dream come true for every frequently travelling home owner. They work by automatically turning on lights or playing pre-recorded messages in response to sounds or motion. This might seem like it is straight out of a Home Alone movie script but it works wonders.

5. Get someone to watch your house for you

When trying to figure out how to protect your home on vacation, consider the option of getting a house sitter. This might be someone you know or someone from a house-sitting placement service. Whatever the case, you will enjoy your holiday knowing that there is someone actually in the home taking care of it for you. If you are taking a longer vacation, renting your home out temporarily might also be an option worth considering.

6. Take your hide-a-key with you

It is also important to make sure that you do not make the burglar’s job easy. This means that in addition to properly locking your home, you will need to take your hide-a-key with you on your trip.

7. Make it clear that the home is secured

Finally, to protect your home on vacation you will need to advertise the level of security you have. This means that things like alarm and security company stickers should literally be on your welcome mat. Nothing scares a burglar away faster than prove that the home is properly secured.

Bottom line

As a homeowner, it is your job to protect your property at all times. This applies whether or not you are physically present. With the 7 tips highlighted above it should be easy to figure out how to protect your home on vacation. That way, whether it is a weekend trip to the nearest beach or a summer-long vacation abroad, your home will be safe.