Why Everything You Know About shower filter


It’s a common knowledge that you can’t drink chlorinated water. Therefore, you need to install a water filtration filter before you can drink the water right from the tap. However, do you know that applying the filtration system for showers is way more important? Your skin absorbs dangerous chemicals, bacterias, fungus, and even virus from unfiltered water. Here are anything you should know about shower filter.

1.Shower filter becomes a popular approach in unwinding people’s mind and sound in the middle of stressed life. Shower filter has the most basic property to calm down the stress, which is also one of the best methods.

2.Shower filter has been proved to relax and recover the stamina for many individuals. They just have to take a position under the shower and enjoy. The relaxing and recovery properties available as the shower filters out the chlorine and other chemicals which naturally reverse the functions.

3.Shower filter can work as a detoxification system for water supply. You can never know how many or what types of toxins contained in your water supply. Toxic water which contains harmful chemicals can damage your health and appearance. The common synthetic chemical added to the water supply is Chlorine.

4.Shower filter can purify the chlorinated water which is actually harmful to your body. Chlorinated water exposure may cause cell damage, heart disease, throat and nasal irritation, artery hardening, as well as respiratory problems along with bronchitis and asthma.

5.Shower filter allows you to get rid fatigue or tiredness. It’s due to the fact that the chlorine is removed with the shower filter. Furthermore, shower filter which may adopt multi-stage filtration system can effectively eliminate other chemicals, bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. At this point, Shower filter brings back the genuine benefits of showering.

6.Shower filter help in suppressing the hazardous nature of the water supply due to chlorine adding. The presence of chlorine generates in the water supply generate external problems which firstly affect your skin. Chlorinated water causes premature aging, rashed, extreme drying, wrinkles, and so forth.

7.Shower filter will prevent complication on the skin, improves skin glowing, moisturizes skin and hair, improves skin elasticity, and relaxing your stressed muscles after activities. You’ll definitely experience the differences within weeks.

8.Shower filter works through three stages at the minimum. In the first stage, chlorine and other impurities are removed out from the water. In the second stage, harmful particles and smaller contaminants are eliminated. In the third stage, the bad odor and bad taste are removed to improve water quality. Some products even apply more stages like Sopnola Shower Water Filter which use 10 stages filtration system.

9.Shower filter is now available in various forms and features. You can simply choose the one which meets your needs. They should be handy and easy to install.

10.Shower filter distinctively adopts two media filters, KDF and Carbon. KDF works with converting the chlorine into a chloride compound instead of eliminating it. In other hands, many shower filter works with eliminating the chemical substance in the water supply using the carbon installed in a cartridge.

Sopnola Shower Water Filter allows you to enjoy pure water free from harmful chemicals. It only needs a couple minutes to install without any tools. Once it’s installed, you can enjoy healthy showering which is friendly both for skin and respiratory system.

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